Is Plastic Surgery Lawful?

Problem:  Is  it  wrong for a  girl  in her  middle  twenties  to try  to  have  her facial  appearance  improved by plastic  surgery?  Is  it  a  sin against  humility  or the  fifth commandment  or any  other law  of God?  I am  not an introvert, I like  people, and I would like  to  get  married. But  I … Continue reading Is Plastic Surgery Lawful?


Ridiculous Excuses of the Immodest.

Ridiculous Excuses of the Immodest! I hereby post this after obtaining due permission and having done some Editting. Dear ....; I appreciate your efforts towards promoting and reviving the spirit of catholicity especially in the aspect of modesty. In the same spirit, I having found your thoughts credible promote them in my own little place … Continue reading Ridiculous Excuses of the Immodest.

“We No Longer Control Them.” – The Cry of Many Mothers Today.

Every day you are complaining about your children, are you not? Your complaint is that you can no longer control them? That is very true. You have perhaps forgotten the day that you said to your son or your daughter: "If you want to go to the fair at Montmerle, or even to the vogue … Continue reading “We No Longer Control Them.” – The Cry of Many Mothers Today.

There Is No Real Beauty Without Virtue.

The Three Mirrors There is no real beauty without virtue. A schoolgirl, writing home,asked her mother to send her a looking-glass. Her mother,a sensible and Christian lady,when she answered the letter, said: "I am sending you a parcel by post in which are three mirrors. The first will show you to yourself as you are;the … Continue reading There Is No Real Beauty Without Virtue.