Harsh Words, Loose Talk and Criticisms.

There is a class of people to whom you should be especially kind - the innocently happy. Human nature has horrid tendency to "take them down a peg." Resist the unworthy temptation. Happiness is too rare a plant to kill it with a harsh word. The great secret of kindness is to be interested in … Continue reading Harsh Words, Loose Talk and Criticisms.


On Sex Experimentation Before Marriage.

Problem:  I recently  attended  some  lectures  given  at  a  secular university  on the  subject  of preparation for a  happy  marriage.  In one  lecture  it  was  stated that  some  sex experience  before  marriage  is  necessary for happiness  in marriage,  on the  ground that  by  experiment  one  learns  whether married life  will  be happy.  Is  there  any  … Continue reading On Sex Experimentation Before Marriage.

Should An Engaged Lady Reveal Her Past?

Problem:  I am  engaged and  looking forward to  a  very  happy  marriage.  But  there  is  one  doubt  in my mind that  seems  to cast  a  shadow  over my happiness. Long before  I met  my  fiance, I fell  into  sin with another  person.  This  has  long since  been  confessed and deeply  repented.  The  doubt  in my … Continue reading Should An Engaged Lady Reveal Her Past?